07. Are there other ways I can reduce my electricity consumption during an Event?

"Absolutely. Some of things you can do are:
  • Pre-cool your home before an Event
  • Adjust your air conditioner between 24 and 26 degrees
  • Close off rooms not in use and that don’t need to be cooled or can be cooled following an Event
  • Close your blinds to keep the cool air in
  • Turn off appliances at the power point which are on standby and not being used ie: computers, tv’s
  • Avoid using your dishwasher, washing machine or dryer during an Event
  • If you own a pool, switch off the pump, chlorinator and any cleaning equipment
  • Make sure all non-essential lighting is off
  • Avoid opening the fridge too often
Appliances essential to your wellbeing should remain on."